Kansas State Regulations

How Do I Regain Driving Privileges in Kansas?

Repeat offenders are not eligible for the Restricted Driving Privilege option, but in some cases, they may apply for a Limited Driving Privilege often referred to as a hardship license. There is no option for a limited commercial driver’s license. To qualify, offenders must either submit an application to the Department of Revenue or petition the court.

They also need to:

  • Complete the Application for Limited Driving Privilege Form.
  • Obtain and show proof of SR-22 insurance coverage.
  • If there is more than one offense or their license is currently revoked, offenders must provide proof of IID installation.
  • Must keep IID installed during the entire time they have the LDP.

Other things the offender must do to qualify include:

  • Pay a filing fee and court costs associated with the application.
  • Pay any legal fees if necessary.
  • Submit a form proving SR-22 insurance coverage.
  • If there are multiple alcohol offenses or an active Chemical Revocation on the driver’s record, they must submit proof that an IID has been installed in any/all vehicles the offender operates.

If the court approves the application, the offender will receive an Order Granting Limited Driving Privilege..

Program maintenance:

  • Bring your IID in for monthly calibration service as indicated on the device, every 30 days, as required by DMV to maintain good standing with the IID Program.

Please keep in mind that the steps listed above provide an overview of whatto restore your license. Please check with your state’s website for more complete details.