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 by Brandy R.

I want to thank Brandy in Tech.-support for being so kind and professional while I was having issues. Also, for getting me back on the road immediately! "Thank you Miss Brandy!"

 by Diana B.

Sens-o-lock is the ONLY interlock that I can use and believe me I have tried all of them and can't use them. They require you to hum and blow at the same time or blow in and suck back out. Ugh I have spend at least 2000 on these interlocks and the only one was SENSE-O-LOCK. It a straight blow for a few seconds and your on your way. Also, the customer service is by far the best. I don't wait on hold for hours either. Laura, Rebecca and even the president has returned my call. It less expensive then the others as well. So what not to like!! In my opinion it's the only INTERLOCK to get!!!!

 by Carl

Seriously though, thank you guys for providing a service that was instrumental in my 250 days of sobriety, and no telling how many more people you’ve helped!!!

 by Don

I must say you receive a Gold Star for customer service and promptness. My interactions and experience with all Sens-O-Lock staff have been exceptional.

 by Shanna W.

As much as I hated having to have this device installed, I have had a wonderful experience with it. Customer service is great and prompt even after hours, my fees come out on a normal schedule, I’ve failed a test only after using mouthwash at the dentist and was able to retake it with no issues, my installer is super easy to work with and is informative. Even though I messed up and have to suffer the consequences (which I deserve) it has been a pleasant experience. The most difficult thing is remembering to check my mileage on my car ?? I used a different company before Sensolock and had an absolutely awful experience, you even had to hum in the machine to take the test, so be thankful for this device, it is a lifesaver and it’s not difficult to use if you follow the rules and procedures. I did have an issue one time where I thought it malfunctioned, but it was actually my car battery. Nonetheless my phone call was returned within ten minutes and I was given step by step instructions on how to reset the machine and treated with respect. Great company, great product - try to stay positive.

 by C. C.

Dear Craig, Thank you so much for all your help. You guys have been great and so helpful. Thank you again.

 by D. B.

Craig, Can't express enough the support and customer service you provided me on of all days "a holiday"! Thanks again!

 by G. C.

Thank you THANK YOU I appreciate ALL of your help and Great Staff as Well for assisting me with everything.

 by C. L. F.

Would recommend Sens-O-Lock of America to anyone needing an interlock device because of the great customer service especially from Bill.

 by Shane

Thank you for the quick response and for alleviating the problem. What a difference from the last company I was with. Appreciate it.

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