"Seriously though, thank you guys for providing a service that was instrumental in my 250 days of sobriety, and no telling how many more people you’ve helped!!!"


"I must say you receive a Gold Star for customer service and promptness. My interactions and experience with all Sens-O-Lock staff have been exceptional."


"Dear Craig, Thank you so much for all your help. You guys have been great and so helpful. Thank you again,"


"Craig, Can't express enough the support and customer service you provided me on of all days "a holiday"! Thanks again!"

D. B.

"Thank you THANK YOU I appreciate ALL of your help and Great Staff as Well for assisting me with everything."


"Would recommend Sens-O-Lock of America to anyone needing an interlock device because of the great customer service especially from Bill."

C. L. F.

"Thank you for the quick response and for alleviating the problem. What a difference from the last company I was with. Appreciate it."


"E. called to thank us all for our excellent service while he was a customer! He appreciated all of our help and said he wanted us all to know that he would highly recommend us!!"


"The Sens-O-Lock of America IID has helped me with my drinking problem. I will definitely tell the judge at my hearing how happy I am with the device and your customer service."

K. P.

"Craig, Once again I am writing to thank you for the great service that your team provides to Marty. This time in particular, it was David Shipp in going "beyond the call of duty.""


"Thank you very much... Your company has been very prompt and considerate in my work with you... This interlock really was a gift to me... Now, I have 6 1/2 years of sobriety, so hopefully will continue to have many happy years ahead!!!"


"Thank you very much Sally. It has been a pleasure under difficult circumstances working with you and your company. From sales all the way down to tech support everyone was professional, polite, and pleasure to work with. Thank you very much."


"Hello, you are about to rid of me but not before I tell you how helpful your staff is. Bill, Debbie, Glenda, have all put up with me with patience, kindness and understanding. They are wonderful! I will be good and I will never forget all of you! Thank you!"


“Thank you everyone at Sens-O-Lock! I’ve completed my three year mandated term and want to say it’s been a pleasure dealing with everyone for start to finish especially her removal process with Bailey!! Cudos to everyone!”

Leigh Ann C.

"Dave, Just wanted to say that your employee James is doing an awesome job. He has assisted me on a few occasions and has been very informative and helpful. Always calls back in short order and provides useful guidance and tips. I hope you have more folks like James on your staff. Thanks again."

T. L.

"I cannot tell you how much I truly appreciate your efficiency and courtesy. I would highly recommend your company to anyone in this regrettable and embarrassing situation. I did a lot of preliminary research of your company and your competitors and can say I am happy that I chose Sens-O-Lock of America. Sincerely,"

B. C.

"My car broke down and had to be fixed. Got the code easy and car repaired, but mechanic left car running and alert went off and was not blown into. Locked Out. Naturally it's Saturday. I called for service and asked to call back ASAP. It was done very timely and got to on-call tech, James. He walked me through resetting easily. What a great service."


"I just wanted to send a note of thanks for ALL your support and the entire team at Sens-O-Lock of America … Sally went above and beyond with her support yesterday and wanted to thank her. … Thanks again Debbie. You've been a great help over the last few years and I want you to know I appreciate all your assistance and professionalism."

Paul G.

"Thanks Craig for getting back to me so quickly! You do have awesome customer service!! and BTW the word around this area is your company is getting a better rating then the others. I let Travis know you will call him I guess he just got back from Midas to have it recalibrated, they were surprised to see him AGAIN .

Happy Holidays to you and your family!!"

Laurie Z

"The patience and prompt attention by Mr. Lotz not only with this replacement device but also in all the circumstances encountered over the past two years has made a new and sometimes difficult situation manageable. I am close to the end of my two year requirement and greatly appreciate what Sens-O-Lock does to allow those in my position to remain independent on the road."


"Good afternoon, just had my device officially removed. Having been asked for my feedback/comments? ... (this is pertaining to Mr. Bill Chan) ... for I had dealt with him mostly. That said, anyone who has dealt with, worked with, having had any interaction with this individual ... Must realize what an outstanding person Mr. Chan is, intelligently brilliant at what he does, a fusion of straight forwardness, compassion, and comprehension, all of which, in this technologically advanced world is lacking ... here's a Tech Support that is doing all that!!!! On top of being on top of his game ... just brilliant!!!! ... Without a doubt Mr. Chan clearly is a tremendous asset to your organization, and should be rightly acknowledged. It was an absolute pleasure, in all my dealings with him, can't say enough. Thanks good day!!"


"Craig, I want to thank you and your team so very much for making this whole process go so very smooth from the beginning and to the end and I have to say I would recommend Sens-O-Lock to anyone who should ever need this put on their vehicle and I would rate Sens-O-Lock the highest rate aloud as far as customer service, you guys have been great to me and I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me through this whole process. I wish all of you and your family's happy holidays and good health in the future to come. Best Regards to all,"


"I just wanted to take a moment out of my day to write on what a pleasure it has been to deal with Sens-O-Lock. From my first phone call with when I was just "shopping" different products, to today when I drove myself to work for the first time in 2 years. You and your people have made that all possible. It was such an easy, honest and dare I say, pleasurable experience to work with you folks, order my device, have it sent out, tracked and installed, all thanks to the efforts of the folks on your end. I just want to say I'm truly thankful for that. Keep doing what you are doing. Have a great day. You've made mine. Sincerely,"


"I wanted to bring to your attention the great customer service I received from your employee, Laura. It isn’t often I am blown away with customer service, as I have worked and managed in the industry myself, so believe me when I say you have a real asset in Laura. She has not only been prompt but proactive, calling me before specific milestones in this process and reminding me what needs to be done in order to make the process as easy as possible."

J. P.

"As much as I hated having to have this device installed, I have had a wonderful experience with it. Customer service is great and prompt even after hours, my fees come out on a normal schedule, I’ve failed a test only after using mouthwash at the dentist and was able to retake it with no issues, my installer is super easy to work with and is informative. Even though I messed up and have to suffer the consequences (which I deserve) it has been a pleasant experience. The most difficult thing is remembering to check my mileage on my car ?? I used a different company before Sensolock and had an absolutely awful experience, you even had to hum in the machine to take the test, so be thankful for this device, it is a lifesaver and it’s not difficult to use if you follow the rules and procedures. I did have an issue one time where I thought it malfunctioned, but it was actually my car battery. Nonetheless my phone call was returned within ten minutes and I was given step by step instructions on how to reset the machine and treated with respect. Great company, great product - try to stay positive."

Shanna W.