New Hampshire State Regulations

How Do I Regain Driving Privileges in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire’s DMV will alert offenders if they are required to install an ignition interlock device (IID). They may be eligible for a restricted license if they meet all criteria, including:

  • Offender must install an IID from a state-approved provider in any vehicle registered to them or that they regularly drive.
  • Show certificate of installation at appropriate DMV location.
  • Add an interlock restriction to their driver’s license.
  • Pay all necessary fees.
  • Provide proof of insurance.
  • Complete any other requirements issued by the court.

There may be additional criteria to meet depending on the circumstances of the offense.

Program maintenance:

  • Bring your IID in for bi-monthly calibration service as indicated on the device, every 60 days, as required by DMV to maintain good standing with the IID Program.

Please keep in mind that the steps listed above provide an overview of what is required to restore your license. Please check with your state’s website for more complete details.