Rhode Island State Regulations

How Do I Regain Driving Privileges in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island requires offenders to complete a certain portion of their full suspension period before they are able to obtain a hardship license. The time needed to be served is somewhere between 40 and 45 days. Offenders are still required to install an IID to get their license restored

They must also:

  • Install an IID from an approved provider and show proof of installation to the Rhode Island Department of DMV.
  • Get a court order for the hardship license from the Rhode Island traffic court.
  • Pay a fee for the license update to the DMV, along with the ignition interlock fee.
  • FulFulfill any additional penalty requirements and pay all necessary fines.

Program maintenance:

  • Bring your IID in for monthly calibration service as indicated on the device, every 30 days, as required by DMV to maintain good standing with the IID Program.

Please keep in mind that the steps listed above provide an overview of what is required to restore your license. Please check with your state’s website for more complete details.