Rhode Island State Regulations

Process for regaining your license in the State of Rhode Island following a DUI:

  • Serve any suspension time or jail time, pay a fine if applicable. Also complete any community service and DUI educational programs that are required.
  • Call Sens-O-Lock of America to set up an account and schedule install for vehicle
  • Submit a SR-22 form to the RI DMV which shows financial responsibility for the future. If assistance is needed, consult your auto insurance agent. Installation Certificate to prove IID was installed is also required.
  • Pay all the applicable fees to the DMV.

Program maintenance:

  • Bring your IID in for calibration every 30 days as its necessary to keep your license in good standing with the IID program

Please keep in mind that the steps listed above provide an overview of what is required to restore your license. Please check with your state’s website for more complete details.