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We recently did a Case Study with our client Auto-Lube Services Inc. Click here to view the full study!
October 10, 2016
Why More Parents Are Choosing Ignition Interlock Devices for Teen Drivers
April 17, 2024
We recently did a Case Study with our client Auto-Lube Services Inc. Click here to view the full study!
October 10, 2016
Why More Parents Are Choosing Ignition Interlock Devices for Teen Drivers
April 17, 2024

Understanding the Cost of Alcohol Interlock Devices: A Comprehensive Guide

Driving is more than a convenience; it’s a vital part of our daily lives. We understand that facing DUI charges can be a challenging and emotional experience, and the path to regaining your driving privileges can feel overwhelming. Sens-O-Lock of America is here to support you every step of the way.

With a heartfelt commitment to “Keeping Families and Communities Safe,” we offer a caring, transparent approach to help you navigate the complexities and costs associated with alcohol interlock devices. This guide is crafted with your needs in mind, aiming to clarify and simplify the process, ensuring you feel informed and supported as you choose the provider that best understands and respects your journey.

1. Introduction to Alcohol Interlock Device Costs

When it comes to regaining your driving privileges after a DUI, an alcohol interlock device becomes a bridge to restoring normalcy. However, the path is often clouded with questions about costs. Let’s clear the air and provide you with the information you need to move forward confidently.

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Installation Costs

The cost to install an alcohol interlock device varies, depending on your vehicle’s specifications. Whether you drive a standard key start car or a push start model, Sens-O-Lock of America offers competitive installation rates, typically starting at $120. Our expertise extends to high-end and imported vehicles, so no matter what kind of car is brought to us, everyone can access safe driving solutions.

Lease Fees

Lease fees for our devices range from $65 to $105 monthly, influenced by state regulations and the need for additional features like cameras or real-time communication. These fees are an investment in your safety and compliance with court mandates.

Calibration Fees

Regular calibration is a critical aspect of maintaining the accuracy and reliability of your alcohol interlock device. With a modest monthly fee typically ranging from $25 to $35, this process involves adjusting the device to ensure it accurately measures breath alcohol content.

Calibration is not just about meeting legal requirements; it’s a comprehensive check-up that includes updating the device’s software, verifying its performance against standardized measurements, and making any necessary adjustments. This meticulous process ensures your device functions correctly at all times, offering you peace of mind and demonstrating our unwavering commitment to reliability. 

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Using hand sanitizer in a vehicle with an interlock device can lead to a violation fee!

Violation Fees

Mistakes can happen, but they shouldn’t derail your progress. All interlock providers charge fees if the system enters “early lockout” due to a failed or missed breath sample test. Some competitors even charge their customers fees if the vehicle’s battery dies, as it would report that the battery was disconnected and report as though their customer was illegally tampering with the alcohol interlock device.

Let’s say you logged 3 violations in one month when your device picked up trace amounts of alcohol from the hand sanitizer that you applied in your vehicle right before your test (not advised), and the device picked up trace amounts of alcohol. 

While some providers may impose a $75 fee for every violation, leading to an additional $225 in charges for that month (plus a possible extension of your original lease term), Sens-O-Lock adopts a different approach. In the event of violations, Sens-O-Lock charges a single $55 fee per violation report, not per violation—far below the industry norm. This approach is part of our commitment to support you through this journey with understanding and fairness.

The Sens-O-Lock Difference

Breath Sample Techniques

Understanding the different breath sample techniques approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) can make this journey a bit easier. Let’s break down these methods:

·  Straight Blow: This is the simplest technique, where you just need to blow directly into the device. It’s straightforward and user-friendly, making it the preferred method for drivers.

·  Blow/Suck/Blow: This method requires a bit more coordination. You’ll blow into the device, then suck air back in, and blow again. For individuals with breathing difficulties or disorders, this method can be challenging and may present a health hazard resulting from sucking the air back through a device previously used by others.  

·  Blow/Hum: In this technique, you’re asked to hum while blowing into the device. It can be tricky, requiring you to multitask in a way that’s not only difficult but can also be distracting, particularly during re-tests while driving.

During a time that can already feel complicated enough, why not just keep it simple? At Sens-O-Lock of America, we’ve chosen to utilize the straight blow method across our devices. Why? Because we believe in making the process as easy and stress-free as possible for you. 

Our devices are designed with your convenience in mind, including a wireless system that allows you to provide required retests while inside your home as your car warms up. Retest compliance is important as jurisdictions often look at failed and missed retests more critically than a failed start test. The logic – a failed start test will not allow the driver to start the vehicle whereas a failed or missed rolling retest opens the door of suspicion as to whether the driver was the provider of the start test.

For example – driver has been consuming alcoholic beverages, knowing they cannot start the vehicle they ask a friend, who was not drinking, to provide the start test so the driver can head home. When the rolling retest is requested, the driver may attempt to provide the test and fail or simply ignore the request. Both results may be highly scrutinized and lead to term extensions.

For those needing extra reassurance, our wireless system allows for an optional 10 private pre-tests per month at a nominal fee of $15, ensuring you can confidently start your vehicle without fear of violations due to failed tests.

Choosing the Right Interlock Provider

Whereas all ignition interlocks perform the same basic function, the devices and how they are used can differ. While competitors like Intoxalock, Lifesafer, Smart Start, and Draeger may boast about the size or discretion of their devices, the true measure of a provider lies in their service, reliability, and the empathy they extend to their clients. Sens-O-Lock of America stands out by prioritizing your ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and peace of mind.

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The WC 9000+ is smaller than a standard smartphone.


Choosing an alcohol interlock device provider is a significant decision on your path to reinstating your driving privileges. By understanding the costs involved and the unique benefits Sens-O-Lock of America offers, you’re equipped to make a choice that supports your journey back to confident driving.

We’re here to provide a service that extends beyond technology—to offer understanding, guidance, and the reassurance you need during this time. Sens-O-Lock of America is your partner in navigating the complexities of DUI recovery with dignity and support.

We invite you to share your thoughts, questions, or experiences in the comments below. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay connected with a community that understands your journey and supports your success. 

Visit www.sensolock.com or call us at (404) 748-4484. 

Sens-O-Lock of America serves Louisiana, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Alabama, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New  Hampshire, Maine, and Kansas. Together, we’re driving towards a safer future.

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