FR9000 School Bus Unit

Sens-O-Lock of America helped develop the only ignition interlock device with special features for school buses following the drunk driving convictions of drivers from three separate school bus companies operating in Albany, Troy and Rotterdam, New York. Not only did these companies lose their license and contract, they faced negative publicity and the schools serviced by them incurred significant disruption to operations during the transition to a new bus service provider.

Because Sens-O-Lock of America is committed to providing the highest degree of safety for children and convenience to school systems, bus yards and drivers, the utmost care was taken in developing the School Bus Unit.

The system has been tailored to address the school bus industry by providing secure access for yard starters and maintenance personnel while ensuring bus drivers pass an alcohol test before picking up students.

Rest assured that with a Sens-O-Lock of America equipped school bus, your child or students are safe from alcohol impaired drivers.

Rely on Sens-O-Lock of America to provide peace of mind to parents, school districts and school bus companies.

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