Kansas Ignition Interlocks

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Sens-O-Lock is dedicated to creating safer Kansas communities. Our technology prevents alcohol impaired drivers from operating a vehicle - whether it’s a car, commercial vehicle, fleet vehicle or school bus. For over 17 years, we have provided Kansas ignition interlocks and services to companies and individuals in Kansas who share our commitment to safe driving.

Our high quality, easy-to-use products and personalized customer experience set us apart from other providers in Kansas. Our empathetic, non-judgmental approach to working with our Kansas customers allows us to achieve a common goal; to protect Kansas drivers, passengers, and communities across America.

Our mission is to promote the adoption of alcohol detection technologies that help prevent driving over the legal alcohol limit, promote family/community safety and help to significantly reduce the legal, social and financial costs associated with alcohol-related driving violations in Kansas.

Kansas FR9000 Mandatory Ignition Interlock

Our Kansas ignition interlocks are developed for Kansas drivers who have been convicted of an alcohol related or drunk driving (DUI, DWI, OUI) violation that results in a Kansas restricted license. Kansas now has programs that allow these Kansas drivers to continue driving with a Kansas ignition interlock installed in their car.

This product conforms to Kansas programs and enables Kansas drivers to regain their driving privileges under a zero tolerance program administered by the state in which the violation occurred. The mandatory unit allows drivers to complete their court imposed sentence while keeping their job and freedom to be with their families.

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Kansas FR9000 Voluntary Ignition Interlock

Many of our customers have chosen to install our voluntary Kansas ignition interlocks as a preventative tool for themselves, their family members, or their business to help ensure safety and avoid ever being faced with a very costly, potentially dangerous and embarrassing situation in Kansas.

This alternative is much less restrictive than traditional sanctions for driving under the influence (DUI) or while intoxicated (DWI), and helps individuals, families and businesses maintain their livelihood by preventing alcohol related driving violations in Kansas.

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Kansas Personal Breathalyzer

Our Kansas breathalyzer has fuel cell technology as accurate as our Kansas ignition interlocks. With pre-driving tests, it can help avoid Kansas IID violations and Kansas-imposed term extensions. It also provides peace of mind while driving in Kansas.

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Kansas WC9000 Wireless Handset

Our Kansas wireless handset is the only one of its kind in today’s market. Portability means no more missed rolling retests while your vehicle is heating up or while you’re clearing snow and ice from your windshield in Kansas. In addition, no cord means you won’t be left stranded due to a damaged connection. You can also bring the handset indoors in extreme temperatures to expedite your Kansas vehicle’s start time.

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Kansas FR9000 School Bus Unit

Sens-O-Lock of America helped develop the only Kansas ignition interlock device with special features for Kansas school buses following the drunk driving convictions of drivers from three separate school bus companies operating in Albany, Troy and Rotterdam, New York. Not only did these companies lose their license and contract, they faced negative publicity and the schools serviced by them incurred significant disruption to operations during the transition to a new bus service provider.

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Kansas FR9000 Fleet Unit

Protect your Kansas company's assets, personnel, customer relationships and communities by ensuring that Kansas drivers do not operate company vehicles under the influence of alcohol. The Kansas Fleet Unit offers specific features for Kansas fleet vehicles, enabling secure access to the vehicle by maintenance personnel while protecting your company from potential losses associated with a Kansas driver operating a company vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

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